Travel Around Albany WA:

Albany is a flourishing city Located on the south coast of Western Australia and is easily traversed by car, bus or on foot! What's the best way to travel around Albany? Find out...

Car Rental:

Renting a car is a convenient way to explore Albany and its attractions at your own pace. There are car rental agencies available in the city and at Albany Airport. Having a car gives you the flexibility to visit various sites, including beaches, national parks, and historical landmarks.

Taxi and Rideshare:

Taxis and ride-share services are available in Albany. You can easily book a taxi or rideshare vehicle using mobile apps or by calling a local taxi company. Taxis and ride-shares are suitable for short distances within the city.

Here are some of the known taxi companies in Albany:

  • Albany City Cabs: 08 9841 1400
  • Albany Wheelchair Taxis: 0409 565 577
  • Albany Taxis: 08 9842 1788
  • Eclipse Taxis Albany: 0417 173 217
  • Love's Bus and Taxi Service: (08) 9841 1211
  • Rainbow Coast Taxis: 08 9844 1115

Albany Town Centre
Albany City Hall


Albany has a local bus service operated by the Public Transport Authority. The bus network covers different parts of the city and some nearby suburbs. Bus schedules and routes can be found on the Public Transport Authority's website.

The bus network covers different parts of the city and some nearby suburbs. Please note that schedules, routes, and services can change over time, so it's recommended to check with the local transit authority or the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Here are some of the bus routes that were operational in Albany:

  • Route 800 - Town-link: This route connects various parts of Albany, including the city centre, suburbs, and shopping centres. It provides a convenient way to move around within the city.
  • Route 801 - Middleton Beach and Emu Point Loop: This route covers the scenic Middleton Beach and Emu Point areas, which are popular among tourists and locals.
  • Route 802 - Mount Lockyer and Lockyer: Route 802 serves the Mount Lockyer and Lockyer areas, offering connections to residential neighbourhoods.
  • Route 803 - Bayonet Head: This route connects Bayonet Head, a suburb of Albany, with the city centre and other areas.
  • Route 804 - Spencer Park: Route 804 serves the Spencer Park area, providing connections to residential and commercial zones.
Albany Town Square
Albany Hotel

Biking and Walking:

Albany is a relatively compact city, and many areas can be explored on foot or by bicycle. There are walking paths and bike lanes, making it a pleasant and eco-friendly way to navigate the city centre and its surroundings.

While Albany's city centre is relatively compact, it offers historical sites, shopping, dining, and waterfront areas that can be easily navigated by walking.

Here are some of the walking routes and highlights within Albany's city centre:

  • York Street Heritage Walk: York Street is the main street of Albany's city centre and features historic buildings, shops, cafes, and galleries. Taking a stroll along York Street allows you to explore the town's heritage architecture and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.
  • Stirling Terrace Promenade: Stirling Terrace runs parallel to the waterfront and offers a pleasant walk with views of Princess Royal Harbour. Along the way, you'll find heritage buildings, art installations, and waterfront dining options.
  • Amity Trail and Lookout: Take a short walk from the city centre to the Amity Trail lookout, which offers panoramic views of King George Sound and the harbour. The trail is located on Mounts Clarence and Adelaide.
  • Albany Waterfront Precinct: The Albany Waterfront Precinct, located near the city centre, provides walking paths along the harbour, picnic areas, and scenic viewpoints. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy the coastal scenery.
  • ANZAC Memorial Walk: The ANZAC Memorial Walk is a popular walking path that pays tribute to Albany's role as the departure point for ANZAC troops in World War I. It features plaques, sculptures, and historical information.
  • Albany Town Square and Civic Centre: Albany's Town Square is a central gathering place surrounded by cafes, shops, and public spaces. It's a hub for events and activities, providing a lively atmosphere.
  • Albany Farmers Market: If you're visiting on a weekend, consider exploring the Albany Farmers Market for fresh produce, crafts, and local products. It's a great opportunity to experience local culture.

These walking routes are centred around Albany's city centre and offer opportunities to discover its history, culture, and natural beauty. As with any walking excursion, wear comfortable shoes and bring water, especially if you're planning longer walks or hikes in the surrounding areas.

Tours and Guided Services:

Consider joining guided tours or hiring local guides for specific activities or attractions. This is a great way to learn about Albany's history, culture, and natural beauty while being chauffeured to various destinations.

Local Shuttle Services:

Some accommodations and tour operators in Albany offer shuttle services to popular attractions and landmarks. Inquire at your accommodation or with tour providers to see if they provide shuttle services.

Organised Tours and Charters:

For exploring Albany's highlights and attractions, you can join organized tours or charters that offer transportation along with guided experiences. These tours are especially useful if you're interested in visiting multiple sites in one day.

Given the options available, you can choose the transportation mode that suits your preferences and the places you want to visit during your time in Albany.