Ataturk Channel

Ataturk Memorial & Point King, Albany, Western Australia
Ataturk Channel Albany WA

Ataturk Channel

Attaturk Channel or Attaturk Entrance is a wide, deep water channel connecting King George Sound to Princess Royal Harbour, allowing large ships access to the heart of Albany.

The channel itself is navigable year round thanks to Point King Lighthouse. King George Sound is occasionally used as an anchorage for large ships awaiting pickup at the port.

The port, located in Princess Royal Harbour is completely sheltered and is commonly visited by cruise ships from the eastern states or from the west, by ships likely arriving from Fremantle.

In 1985 the channel was renamed in a reciprocal agreement with Turkey, who named the landing place of the ANZAC Troops, Anzac Cove. Scroll below for the Ataturk Memorial.

Statue at Ataturk Channel Memorial

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Memorial

The first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's legacy is incredible. (read more on Wikipedia.)

His statue overlooks the channel above Point King.

Coastline at Ataturk Channel

The beautiful

King George Sound Albany

Battery bunker above Ataturk Memorial in the Parklands.

View a video of Ataturk Channel

The video pans from King George Sound to Princess Royal Harbour overlooking Ataturk Chanel towards Flinders Peninsula and Point Posession.

The Big Guns at Princess Royal Fortress, Albany, WA

Plantagenet Battery, Mount Adelaide, Mount Clarence Parklands, Albany

Ataturk Memorial

Along the Albany-Middleton Beach Walking and Biking Trail, just above Point King Lighthouse, is Ataturk Memorial. The words below, on the base of the memorial, say it all. "Peace at Home, Peace in the World." (Read more about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his legacy on Wikipedia.)

Ataturk Memorial, Ataturk Channel, Albany Australia
Ataturk Memorial, Ataturk Channel, Albany Australia

Ataturk Memorial stands above Point King overlooking the channel.

The Attaturk Channel Memorial, Albany, WA

Ataturk Memorial from the biking  and walking trail.

Ataturk Memorial, Albany, WA

Ataturk Memorial from above, or walk below for a view from the Lookout.

Guarding the Channel

Before the Pantagenet Battery was built within the ocean side of Mount Adelaide stretching through the Mount Clarence Parklands down to King Point, the most important guardian of the Channel was the Lighthouse.

Point King Lighthouse, Ataturk Channel, Albany, Australia

Point King Lighthouse

From the lighthouse the view of King George Sound is breathtaking. Michaelmas Island, Breaksea Island, Seal Island are all features of the uniqueness of the sound.

The views north across King George Sound towards Manypeaks and Two Peoples Bay are incredible. It is an important location for a lighthouse as the Point is rocky and unforgiving.  We recognise it as the light that kept Albany safe and thriving in its early days.

Point King Lighthouse Sign and Information
King Point Lighthouse  top down view
King Point Lighthouse and Ataturk Channel, Albany Australia