Inlets in Albany WA

Inlets in Walpole, Denmark & Albany, Western Australia
Inlets of the South Coast of Western Australia

There are many Inlets along the Rainbow Coast. The Inlets are very beautiful, and each quite distinct. In some the waters are calm, others swiftly flowing. Many are filled with waterbirds including black swans and western australian pelicans.

The Inlets of the South Coast vary in size and volume, but all of the inlets support a vast variety of birds, reptiles and water creatures.

They are a vital part of the ecosystem and deserve to be cared for.

The inlets along the coast are either always open, in the case of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets which are connected together by a natural deep channel.

Wilson Inlet, Springdale, Denmark

The South Coast is home to many wonderful inlets, the inlets on this page are directly within the albany region, however there are many others within a close distance, for a full list of inlets on the South Coast of Western Australia, visit our Inlets of the South Coast page!

Videos of the inlets of the south coast:

Inlets of the Coast

Inlets and Waterways Inlets and Waterways
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Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour
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Taylor Inlet Taylor Inlet
Taylor Inlet near Nanarup is a winding Inlet, home to many species of waterbirds. Visit Taylor Inlet
Torbay Inlet Torbay Inlet
Many people find Torbay to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful places along this stretch of coastline. Visit Torbay Inlet

Map: Inlets of the South Coast:

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