The Inlet

The Torbay Inlet is usually inland quite some way, but it self breaches the sandbar which keeps east divided from west.

The Torbay Inlet is accessible via the Lower Denmark Road from both the East (via Elleker) or West (via Perkins/ Torbay Inlet Road.

There are several 4 wheel driving tracks on both sides of the Inlet offering driving enthusiasts a beautiful and fun day of exploration.

Many people find Torbay to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful places along this stretch of coastline.

The waters, as you can see, have been stained by the leaves of the surrounding countryside which gives it a tea-like appearance.

Torbay Inlet (upper), Torbay 4 Wheel Driving near Torbay Inlet, Torbay Torbay Inlet near the beach, Torbay
Torbay Inlet, Torbay, Australia Torbay Inlet, Torbay Torbay Inlet, Torbay

Towns Near Torbay Inlet

Torbay is half way between Albany and Denmark. Nearby you'll find Elleker which has a roadstop for petrol and snacks.